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Or may be the girl got them good dowry. ROBOkoala 2 years ago. Then call her up and talk random things. Oh wow I'd fricking just wear shorts. Nicky 2 years ago. Chances are the next day your guyfriend comes up to you and warns about your bad taste or groups with five others to tease you!

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Fat man is laying on the couch topless watching the TV. Guy is overweight and quite lazy looking.

Use the arrow keys to navigate between questions. D3stroy3rXAM 2 years ago. So we might not hate you and even make you our lady but chances are slim. They are never arrogant or angry at you. HanSam Nigel Garcia 6 years ago. Can fat girls get good guys? You So, stop letting a random stranger dude to decide your worth.

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3 thoughts on “Fat guy with topless girl

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  2. Yo I've been trying to find more of this girl and it turns out she has a second video.